The most accessible oenological routes for all

Accessible oenological routesWine tourism or enotourism is growing in Spain. More and more wineries are offering experiences of walks between vineyards and visits to their facilities to raise awareness of the process of wine production. Usually, these guided tours end with a tasting.
But wine tourism is not limited to visiting the wineries. The Wine Routes offer a wide range o  f tourist options that allow visitors to get to know the natural and historical heritage of the area, develop different leisure activities and enjoy the local gastronomy.

Main oenological routes

Jumilla, besides being famous for its wines, is home to many other riches that are worth knowing. Centuries ago, the city was famous for being a crossroads of roads and cultures. you can find historical and artistic vestiges of all the civilizations of the Mediterranean.

Visitors discover wine in Jumilla with all five senses:

- With their ears, they listen to nature among the vineyards.
- With their eyesight, they discover the cellars.
- With their sense of smell, they smell wines.
- With taste, they taste wines.
- With their touch, they touch the tools used to cultivate the vines.

The Garnacha Route is in the Autonomous Community of Aragon. This route has very personal features.
On the one hand, it is next to Mount Moncayo known for its mushrooms in autumn, for its birds and for its legends. In this route there are all kinds of interesting places: wine cellars, restaurants, bars, rural houses, hotels, museums and shops.
In addition, there are many cultural activities.

The Navarra Wine Route allows you to discover, through a multitude of proposals, this territory, where the world of wine invades the landscape, the heritage, the festivals, the gastronomy and the friendly character of those who inhabit it.

This wine route is in the flattest area with the most pleasant weather in Navarre. The vineyards grow in a very rich area, with fields of fruits, vegetables, cereals, etc. and olive trees. Around it there is a very diverse landscape. There are forests, there is the desert of Las Bárdenas. Real and there are the mountains of Valdorba.
Visitors can discover on the route the landscapes, the festivals, the typical dishes, the culture and sympathy of the Navarrese.

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