Accessible tourism in Valencia

Valencia as well as Barcelona offers us a multitude of options to get to know it. It is considered the city of culture, art and commerce.
It is a coastal city and historically was Spain's gateway to the Mediterranean. In addition, it is gradually focusing on offering tourism accessible to all, where museums, parks and other tourist attractions are within reach of anyone.

Main places to visit in Valencia

The Fallas Museum is located in the City of Arts and Sciences, and there you can find posters of Fallas, photographs of related subjects and a collection of Ninots since 1934.
Access is easy via a ramp and the reception is on the ground floor where there are no slopes.
The different floors are connected to each other by an elevator, so the itinerary is completely accessible,
It has adapted toilets and has a reserved parking space.

The Rice Museum is located in an old 20th century rice mill. Rice is the typical product of Valencia, which is why this museum was created to transmit and disseminate the industrialisation of rice.
For access there are no unevenness and also has an elevator. It has an adapted toilet and 3 parking spaces for PRM.

Bioparc València is an animal park created under the concept of zoo-immersion, as we have tried to recreate the places of origin of the animals as well as to eliminate the visible barriers and to focus it from the wild nature.
Access to the park is through a ramp with a certain degree of inclination. It is also divided into four areas called Madagascar, Equatorial Forest, Humidity and Savannah.
The entire itinerary is accessible to people with reduced mobility as it has paved pavement and the slopes are protected by ramps. During the journey there are rest areas and 5 adapted toilets. There are several accesses with ramp and also specific toilets for people with reduced mobility.

L´Hemisfèric was designed by the architect Santiago Calatrava. L'Hemisfèric was the first building to be inaugurated in the City of Arts and Sciences in 1998.

It is the largest projection room in Spain. The entrance is accessible via stairs and the internal itinerary is adapted. It has adapted toilets and 14 parking spaces reserved for PRM.

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