Holiday accommodation for people with severe disabilities

One of the signs of living in a developed society is the way people with special needs are treated. This is particularly important when it comes to holiday accommodation for people with severe disabilities.

Therefore, the elimination of both physical and mental barriers is indispensable to guarantee the rights and inclusion of all citizens.

Holidays are for relaxing, disconnecting from the usual, getting to know and enjoying. To respect and be respected. Therefore, it is very important that people with disabilities can have the same access as others.

What should you pay attention to in your holidays?

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has determined that in the world there are 1,000 million people with some kind of disability. Of these, approximately 10% carry significant disabilities, whether in the intellectual, motor or sensory spheres, but this does not prevent them from wishing to travel.

This is why the concept of tourism for all or accessible tourism is decisive: it is the one that eliminates or minimizes sensory, physical or communicational barriers and achieves that the environment, services and products can be enjoyed in equal conditions by people with disabilities.

People with special needs travel as much as others and choose their destinations based on three criteria:

- The treatment received.

- Available information about accessibility.

- Ease of mobility within establishments and facilities.

A company that manages this type of accommodation and destinations benefits service providers, users and destinations in several ways:

- It is a "multi-client" tourism, as people with disabilities travel accompanied very frequently.

- Destinations with accessible tourism are perceived as friendly and tolerant.

- According to the Observatory of Accessibility of Tourism in Spain, disabled people invest up to 30% more in their trips.

- It is a type of tourism that does not depend on the season or the month, as many disabled people do not work.

Therefore, we encourage you to contact us as a leading company as Disabled holidays especialist in managing accommodation for people with disabilities in order to access tourism for all. Call us!

Holiday accommodation for severely disabled

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