Hotels for wheelchair users

Hotels and other tourism facilities cannot avoid providing the best for people with disabilities. This consideration refers not only to those who take vacations, but also to those who, for different social or work reasons, attend their spaces.

These companies must join the initiative of accessible tourism for the benefit of all and, to this end, comply with current international regulations and those of the Autonomous Community in particular in terms of accessibility.

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Hence the importance of being able to consult a booking platform that provides all the information about adapted accommodation. In addition, it must be possible to specify whether they have additional services that allow and facilitate a satisfactory and safe stay for people with disabilities.

The function of this platform is to provide information about topics such as those described below:

- Evaluate if the services have value and are adapted to ensure that the user has an enriching and personalized experience.

- Analyze the environment where recreational activities take place, in order to conclude whether or not they are suitable for all types of disabilities. The disabled user should not only be able to enjoy themselves like others, but also be safe.

- To determine whether in hotels for wheelchair users the work team working in the facilities has training and motivation to respond to the specific needs of each type of disability.

To know if they are capable of giving respectful, timely, effective, friendly and, above all, natural treatment. For communication needs it is convenient to have some level of sign language skills and, above all, experience.

- Specify the pertinence of the information on transport, services, facilities and particularities of the environment. Both tourist literature and websites must be adapted to international standards and be easy to understand.

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Hotels for wheelchair users

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