Tips for choosing a hotel for people with disabilities

Tips por choosing a hotel for people with disabilities In Spain there are more and more hotels for the disabled. They have facilities for accessible tourism since people with functional diversity have the right to holidays as much as others.

How to choose a hotel for people with disabilities?

The first thing to select a hotel should be to look for accurate information and as complete as possible.


The slopes and steps constitute a barrier. Therefore, there must be an alternative to stairs, such as ramps or elevators. Ramps must have handrails and follow the width, length and slope specifications.

All areas of the hotel must have non-slip material on the floors.

Doors and corridors

The clear passage width of all doors and corridors must be at least 80 cm. The areas where turns are to be made must have a free space of 150 cm in diameter.


There must be enough space between the furniture to be able to ride in a wheelchair as explained above. Outlets, environmental controls and switches should be located at a height of 40 to 120 cm.


The toilet must have a side access of at least 80 cm, a seat height of 50 cm, a folding bar and a fixed bar 80 cm high.

Under the washbasin there must be a free space of 70 cm. high and 60 cm. deep. It must be equipped with a mixer tap and accessories located at a height between 70 and 120 cm.

The shower must have support bars and a chair that allows transfer from the wheelchair. The floor must be flush with the rest and have a non-slip surface.

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